Restaurant Les Voiles

35 rue Bayen Paris 17e
Everyday : 12PM - 2:30PM and 7:30PM - 10:30PM

Enjoy the wind of Britanny
in Paris

After the “Vent d ‘ouest” in Batignolles and the “Winch” in the 18th district , Christophe HUCHET is back with his new Breton restaurant “Les Voiles”.

Situated in the 17 th district , very close to the Place de Ternes, les voiles Restaurant offers you FRESH FISH and SEA FOOD dishes.

Devoted to Yachting LES VOILES setting ,is spacious, warm and artistically decorated with several Yacht sails and with Philippe Conrad and Michèle Castel Motor boats.

“LES VOILES signifying authenticity, simplicity and freshness, play a major part in our restaurant’s cooking..”
All our dishes are homemade exclusively with fresh products… all our cooking is done instantly.
We implore your patience for dishes requiring a precise cooking time. As we aim at giving you the best.

The chef

Chef omar figuereo perdomo has had an eloquent career, .with ten years at Rostang’s. second chef at Dessirier’s then now , for almost a year and a half at the wheels in Les Voiles kitchen.

You will appreciate the precision of his cooking and the fine balance between authenticity and creativity he gives to his dishes.

He is assisted efficiently by Malika Kellakh whose brilliant career , especially at Royal Madeleine and at the Closerie des Lilas enables her to bring all her know how and skills to Les Voiles.
She enriches our cooking with a subtle feminine touch.



The sea food platter

½ crab, 3 Dublin bay prawns, 4 creuse oysters « Prat ar Coum » n°3, 8 prawns, shrimps and whelks
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The « royal » sea food platter, FOR 2 PERSONS

1 lobster of 500 gr, 1 crab, 6 Dublin bay prawns, 8 creuse oysters « Prat ar Coum » n°3, 16 prawns, shrimps and whelks
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The creuse oysters « prat ar coum » n°2 ( by 6 )

from Alain Madec at Carantec in Britany
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The creuse oysters « prat ar coum » n°3 ( by 6 )

from Alain Madec at Carantec in Britany
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The duo of 8 prawns and shrimps

Home-made mayonnaise
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The dublin bay prawns « 16/20 » from britany

Home-made mayonnaise, by 6
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The whelk platter

Home-made mayonnaise…
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The beautifull piece of ripened cheese…

By Maître Bordier, naturally !
10€ *
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The raspberry tartlet

On almond cream
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The apple “breton” pudding-cake

Salted butter caramel with apples
10€ *
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The chocolate charlotte

Whit raspberry sorbet
10€ *
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The lime cheese cake

10€ *
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Our « paris brest » (not every day)

Made of choux pastry, praline mousseline cream and almonds
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The fillet of scorpion fish

Artichokes from Brittany cooked “Barigoule style”
22€ *
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The poached smoked haddock, yuzu butter sauce

Slow-simmered spinach
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The «cotriade de fouesnant»

Brittany fish stew as a « bouillabaisse », with mussels, garlic mayonnaise and croutons
22€ *
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The whole sea bass

Grilled and served with sautéed vegetables flavoured with foie gras
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The sauteed squid and vegetables, smoked sausage “henaff” brand

Deglazed with Chouchen
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The sauteed scallops with orange cream

Buckwheat pancake “tagliatelle-style”
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The nice pig chop

Pan-sautéed mushrooms and glazed pearl onions
22€ *
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The burgundy-style ox cheek stew

With white rice
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The shellfish minestrone

Pasta and vegetable soup with cockles and clams
12€ *
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The fillets of mackerel in white wine

With diced vegetables and musseis
11€ *
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The swimming crab soup

With garlic mayonnaise and croutons
11€ *
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The soft-boiled egg, lobster cream

On a bed of quinoa
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The plate of organic smoked salmon from scotland (about 110grams)

Gravlax sauce and homemade buckwheat blinis
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The “ceviche” of octopus

Tanguy vinaigrette
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The duck foie gras terrine

Peach and apricot jam flavoured wit honey from Corsica
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Lunch menu

Monday to Friday, starter/main course or main course/dessert
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Lunch menu

Monday to Friday, starter/main course/dessert
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Menu “A la Carte”

Starter/Main Course, available for the dishes with ( * )
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Menu “A la Carte”

Starter/Main Course/Dessert, available for the dishes with ( * )
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The menu « des moussaillons » …for little pirates !

Main Course/Dessert/Soft Drink
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The menu “carte” is available for the dishes with asterisk ( * )

"We are proud to make it known that we love our wine producers"


Wine at Les Voiles…

Virginie Lepreux, Nadia Lusseau, Christine Laloue, Sylvie Spielmann, Fabien Dinocheau, Loïc Mahé, Antoine Van Remoortere, Alain Couillaud, Florian Serguier

So many passionate hands we would like to introduce to you through our intentionally limited and humble wine list, that pays homage to the exemplary work achieved in the fields, in the vineyards and in the wine and spirits warehouses.

For your pleasure, through this wine list we would like to sail across two worlds.
First of all we have an ever growing desire to take you to discover the wine growers that are not in the limelight ….

In the Loire, in the South, in Bourgogne, the Rhone and Alsace etc, who are producing some real gold nuggets. We are really proud to let you enjoy these wines.

Then of course, we cannot fail to offer you carefully selected wines from the famous and approved vineyards: indispensable references.
You will have the pleasure to enjoy these wines again in Les voiles .

Here our wine lists are from time to time enriched with newfound treasures…. favorites drifting in at the mercy of the wind. .

This is our own recipe taken from nature to make this gastronomic combination of sea food and food from the land…

We love our quality suppliers and we share them

Prat ar Coum Oysters

Since 1898 the MADEC family,are generations of oyster farmers in North.Finistere.

Bordier Butter

Son and grandson of a butter and cheese maker ,Jean Yves BORDIER naturally grew up among the whole Comte cheeses and fresh cream from the family farm.

Famous Henaff sausage

An Independent family enterprise in the far west of Bretagne, Hernaff is internationally famous for their traditional meat paste. Every sailor has sailed with his little blue tin.

Malo Fresh Cheese

Malo carries on the tradition of straining the fresh cheese paste in little linen bags as in the past.

For your
Group meals

Les Voiles is the ideal restaurant for a business lunch, a romantic dinner for two or an evening with friends. We welcome groups of 100 guests.

Our restaurant has a pleasant isolated space to welcome up to 22 guests round a large convivial table.

The restaurant can also be privatized to sit 110 guests.

Give us a call on the phone to discover our Group Formulas.


Photos Gallery

La Cotriade Bretonne

Nos Plats

Le fameux Paris Brest maison
Le fameux Paris Brest maison

Nos Desserts

For you
to Enjoy

Tray of Seafood
for Take-Away

Les voiles invites you to enjoy their tray of sea food directly from the morning tide, for 39 Euros per person.

It contains half a crab , 3 langoustines, 4 number 3 Prat Ar Coum oysters, 8 prawns, shrimps and whelks.

Served with rye bread and Bordier butter !

For all orders please call us at

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